the pool again 06.27

Thursday, August 14

my plan was to post through july before leaving for vacation last week, but i did not even finish june. this is it-i think . . . we went to the pool with school friends. the camera died almost immediately and i didn't even get a picture of miller.
carter thinking about joining everyone in the pool. this is before splash class which changed her outlook on being in the water.
claire collecting rings. this was the last time we went to the pool with them before her baby brother was born.

emma found this crazy boat in the closet. how funny that she is sitting on the concrete in her bleepin' boat.

okay, so i will be posting a lot this week because i know several people who are dying for pictures from the beach. plus, i need to get caught up before the craziness of carter's birthday and back to preschool. 



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