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Sunday, August 24

each week after church we spend the last thirty minutes letting our children run wild with all the other young children. they wander up and down the children's end of the building, climb stairs to the second floor and so on. this week was no different. josh and i were talking to some friends. as emily and i talked about who baby taylor resembled more, emily noticed that miller was up to something. as i looked up, miller sat on the floor trying to get his shortall over his sandals. he had slipped it off his shoulders and was proceeding to completely remove it. of course the hilarity of it all caused me not to correct the situation but get josh's attention so he could see what HIS child was doing. josh proceeds to help with the first conundrum-the shortall wrapped around his sandal. as he gets it undone and continues to talk to trey before redressing HIS son, miller does what any child his age would do-darts down the hall to the main area. so, there goes miller running through the building in a diaper and sandals. josh calls for him. of course, he keeps running. and running. i inform josh he will have to run after him. so, there goes josh walking, walking quickly and now running, shortall in hand after diaper clad miller. josh grabs him once in the main area and asks "hey, buddy, what are you doing?" "i wanna be naked!" miller responds. of course you do, buddy! of course you do! 

miller was quickly redressed and remained dressed until arriving at home. he is now "naked" as he likes, but in a more appropriate location. boys! what a mess!



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