i {heart} the olympics

Saturday, August 16

since i was a little girl, i have looked forward to the olympics. i hated the four year wait and was ecstatic when they made the change to two years. as a child, i would sit for hours and watch gymnastics, diving, swimming, track, skiing, ice skating, etc. i have vivid memories of being on vacation in oklahoma and watching gymnastics and wrestling. this past week while in navarre, we watched the opening ceremonies and day one before heading home. carter was delivered during a track and field event during the 2004 olympics (fyi: her delivery was unexpectedly quick and i even said as i was pushing, "this is surreal. the olympics are on." to which my doctor replied, "would you like me to turn it off?" umm, not a priority, just not what i had pictured before having my first child.)

i can easily say, i am riveted by watching others excel at their sport. who doesn't remember mary lou retton, keri strug, flo jo, jackie joyner kersey, greg louganis, michael johnson, and on and on and on? who can watch these games and not feel pride in their country and admire those who achieve for others? i have felt no different in 2008. we have introduced the games to our children watching them jump and run like the ones competing. we have waited with bated breath for final scores. we have sat on the edge of our seats and rejoiced with the phelps family. how amazing! to have such talent and appear so poised. to be such a team player. to observe his precious mother and sisters rooting him on each step and tearfully watching at each medal ceremony. to see him search for her in the crowd, throw her his flowers and crawl through the stands to hug and kiss them. precious! history in the making. how could you not love the olympics!



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