waiting at the steps after taking her turn.
waiting at the edge of the pool for her jump. she shivered every time because the deep end was in the shade-even in the ridiculous heat we were having.
putting her toes exactly where ms. shelley told her on the diving board.
walking out after finishing her jumps. she stuck her tongue out so much during the weeks. i guess it was to wipe the water off her face. i thought it was too funny!
greeted by daddy. she was so excited he got to come watch her! carter had asked josh to come that morning and it was the only day he could even try to make it. so he agreed. i had already planned on bringing the camera because he had an engagement session the next day and i was afraid to just take pictures the last day. i let him watch carter while i took pictures. we were able to stay and watch everyday because the pool was in a huge yard and the seating area, deck and playground were far enough away that it didn't bother the kids during the lesson. miller loved to play on the playground so what a blessing i didn't have to occupy him each day for two weeks.



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