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Wednesday, July 30

if you know us personally, then you know my husband can quote almost any movie. in fact, it happens quite frequently around here. there are several quotes that you may hear on a daily to weekly basis because they have become part of our vocabulary, so to speak. 
now, because of this, it should come as no surprise, that my daughter is doing the same thing-only, with books! we do read a lot and we do tend to read our favorites over and over. if carter or miller is found in the corner with a good book, you can usually hear them "reading" as well. so a few weeks ago, miller is upset that he didn't get what he wanted. i don't even remember what it was now, but snack, or paper, or something. and carter says, "you get what you get and you don't get upset." i giggled to myself at her motherly response and then paused and thought i have heard that somewhere else. it took me a few minutes and then i realized, she was quoting pinkalicious! so, this same quote has been used over and over to the point that josh and i have even started using it and they seem to respond well because they know the story line. so a few days ago, i am trying clothes on carter to see how much she has out grown since last fall and she looks at the pants i am trying to help her into as she watches diego and says, " too big. too brown. too plain." i just started laughing again because now she is quoting another favorite, fancy nancy. if you don't know either of these books and you have a girly little girl at home, you need to go here and check them out!! as you can tell, they are some of our favorites!



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