why gigi's pool?

Tuesday, August 26

let me tell you a little something about my children. they gravitate to grandparents like bees to honey. we have 2 sets of grandparents of our own-mine: meme & papaw and josh's: grammie & papa joe. we also have many others that we love a lot. for example, boo, belongs to this sweet girl, but we claim her as our own too. since they moved into their own home last fall, we don't get to see boo as often, but she has not left their thoughts or hearts. as fall and halloween start to fill the aisles, my children do not understand the connected phrase "boo!" if someone says it to them or we read it somewhere, they laugh and say "noooo, that not boo." or "boo is avery's grandmother." they do not comprehend. 

so, meeting amelia's grandmother was no different. before long, the heat and sun were too much for miller and his super sensitive ghostly skin. and amelia was dying to go see her gigi. emily let them both in and, after a while, the other girls went in as well. when emily went to check on miller and amelia, miller was wearing a borrowed t-shirt (because he was cold) and sitting in gigi's lap reading books. he was in love. the following week when we pulled in the drive he was so excited to see gigi while at the pool, he would stand at the back door periodically longing to go visit. after a while, we let him in and gigi got his t-shirt back out and started reading from a stack of books she had set aside for him-precious!!

on friday, before escaping inside, miller found emily's sun hat. he totally reminds me of curious george in these pictures.

what a cute little mess! thanks girls for all the fun! we miss you gigi!


jennifer said...

You know that Boo claims those kiddos as her own, too!

jennifer said...

p.s. I tagged you in my blog. Check it out. You're next!


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