gigi's pool 07.25

Tuesday, August 26

the next day we went to emily's mom's pool. we love emily and amelia and share lots in common with them-they also live in east memphis, amelia and carter are two or the girliest girls i have ever met, they think davis kidd storytime is a great way to beat the summer heat, emily is a professional chef and preschool teacher and josh would love to be a professional chef and i am a preschool teacher-ha! 

sister finds a float
brother crashes float
the greatest thing about the pool-the girls can touch the bottom! they love it! this is precious amelia.
kaitlin loved to spit the water out and i got a great picture of the action.
who doesn't love watermelon on a hot summer day!

we had such a blast that we did it again the next week and lots more friends were able to come, but guess who didn't talk a single picture that time-wah, wah!


jennifer said...

WOAH! Lovin' that picture of Kaitlin. Nice work!


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