happy 4th of july . . . in late august!

Wednesday, August 20

pitiful, seriously. you don't even care about these events, do you??

our fourth of july was very laid back with yard work and a cookout with my parents. then, at dusk, we headed out to watch the germantown fireworks with the tillmans.

fyi, this is what happens to you at our house when you are non-cooperative! we post a picture of you on the blog with your face covered up! and honestly, at our house, most pictures of our two children could have at least one face covered. why is it impossible to get more than one child to do the right thing in a picture??
here carter is waving her flag during the fireworks. notice miller is not in this picture. that is because it was past his bedtime and he was only happy in mommy's lap. as i said before, one of them always has to be non-cooperative. oh, well!


jennifer said...

WE care!!! :-)


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