"whos" on the grinch

Tuesday, December 2

so, i had this whole post planned about what a crazy mother i have become hunting down my daughter's numero uno christmas request which was already on backorder before thanksgiving until a week before d-day when i realized my children are way funnier than i am. so, because i am sure you are curious, yes, i did track down the gift and it arrived today. who doesn't love getting a package in the mail, especially when it will make your little girl's eyes light up on christmas day!!
so, last night, i went for a little visit with my favorite newborn and josh kept the kids who had taken really late naps. i had promised them they could watch shrek the halls and how the grinch stole christmas. fast forward, josh has put the kids down in their room for the night and, as usual, carter yells "daddy?!?" seconds after josh sits down in the living room. the following conversation occurs while josh is sitting in the living room and carter is in their bedroom:
josh: "go to sleep!"
carter: "what are the name of the people on the grinch?"
josh: "whos!"
carter: "the people on the grinch?"
josh: "whos!"
carter: "the people on the grinch??"
josh: "that's what they are called, whos!"
(even longer pause)
carter: "what do they sing?"
josh: "i don't know. go to sleep!"
although every night ends the same way, rarely is the preceding conversation as amusing!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an old Abbott & Costello skit! / Grammie

Becky Lollar said...

Ok--so I'm curious!! What's the numero uno gift?!?! :)

2stitchers said...

that was THE funniest thing ever...i laughed SO hard and SO loud I almost woke my children....even Dan, (who never laughs) laughed his butt off!!! thanks!!


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