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Saturday, December 6

here it is, the sewing post. or at least the big kids sewing post. i still have several things i need to do for the baby, but i may run out of time. let me tell you, being pregnant during the holidays makes time move even faster. this has been the shortest pregnancy in history! but, back to the sewing. so, i am a self taught sewer. i learned from using my mom's machine in high school. she is also self taught. we get by and, for me, that is good enough. my kids grow too quickly anyway, so it is not like it has to last forever. bottom line: don't look for perfection. one more thing, i am reminded every time i get out my sewing machine, that i don't like to sew. yes, i like fabric. yes, i like making something with my own hands. and, yes, i like creating something for less than i could have paid for it. but i do not like the frustration of not being prepared-this is inevitable for me and then i have to wait to do what i was all ready to work on. ugh! i don't like the frustration of having to rip out what i just did and do it again-also inevitable with me at least once. and, i don't like the frustration of having little helpers-yes, i love that they want to help, but it is also inevitable that something will get messed up and then the former frustration occurs. so, if you have ever asked why i don't sew more often, this is why!

i made miller two pant sets:
michael miller retro rocket rascals fabric
alexander henry this land is your land fabric
miller loves to look for tennessee on his pants and "let's find where we live!" too cute!

then, i appliqued a few shirts:
a monkey that is a little miniature version of a canvas i made for a friend's baby. 
it is hand embroidered with little button eyes.
a non-traditional colored christmas tree for miller to go with all carter's pink christmas clothing.
and, finally, a little something for carter: an apple  to go with a pair of just ducky pants.
it is also hand embroidered. she helped me piece it all together and was so proud of herself. 
she told my dad that we made it and he thought she was lying. my mom had to check the tag!


Carla Reyna said...

So cute, I'm jealous! I would so pay you to sew for me!

jennifer said...

wow! so precious. They are perfect!

Kris J. said...

aww i love them. super job, mama!


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