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Monday, December 15

my very precious friend passed this along to me a couple of weeks ago. and while i am very behind on blogging due to the craziness of being this pregnant during "the most wonderful time of the year"(see i told you we were those people), i am supposed to tell you six of my favorite things. 

so, here are six of my favorite things, holiday style.

1. these precious faces. some of you will be seeing a similar version coming soon to a mailbox near you. oh, don't they just make you smile!
2. cupcakes. red velvet cupcakes especially. my sweet, sweet husband showed up with these one day because he knows i have an extreme sweet tooth during my third trimester. they were delicious!
3. hobnail milkglass. or hobnail. or milkglass. i love it all! i grew up in a house of antiques. i was toted to estate sales, garage sales, antique stores and anywhere that may have contained a hidden treasure my entire life. my mother collects milkglass. when i say collect, i mean hordes. she has tons of it. whenever i am looking for something, i just go shopping at her house. this little gem is holding my silver tinsel tree this year. isn't it pretty??
4. christmas cards! oh, how i love this time of the year! first of all, i love getting mail. not bills or bank statements. mail. you know, invitations and thank you notes and announcements and christmas cards. it is a dying art and it makes me sad. seriously, if you live in the south, and you thought you didn't have to send a christmas card anymore, you are wrong! go, now! run, don't walk, to your camera, snap a picture of your children and upload it at the closest digital stand. you owe it to your children. seriously, people!
5. oh, this one makes my heart melt!!!! homemade ornaments, especially with my child's picture in it. as i pulled out each one it made me so happy. as i placed them on my dr. suess tree on the table i worried about little fingers. josh said, "you don't want them to touch them?? they made them." yes, they may have made them. but they are mine. mine. mine. this is the best gift i receive each year and i know one day when everyone is gone to college or with their own families, these will be treasures. along with my christmas cards! 
6. and the reason why we celebrate this season. a babe wrapped in swaddling clothing and lying in a manger. this is not only one of my favorite visions during the season, but my children love the nativity as well. mary, jofef (as miller says) or jofes (as carter used to call him) and baby jesus. it is so fun and exciting to see them love to learn the story. carter knows all the details while miller searches for the wise men each time. i pray their love for their savior continues to grow as they do! 
"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

"And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him." Luke 2:40


Southern Mama said...

Love this! I, too love the nativity. Having two December babies always brings it closer to home.

Margaret said...

Got my Christmas card today and so LOVE the photo and the "better not pout, better not cry" phrase....too cute. Love the belly too! Can't wait to meet "flower"!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos!
LOVE the six holiday favorites!
THANKFUL you have in your gene pool the trait to complete your great craft ideas along with your love
of old things such as milkglass to create that one of
a kind treasure.
You're welcome to shop at my place anytime. In fact your father truly appreciates it. One less thing to dust.

jennifer said...

ok... so who are you passing the award on to?

and I LOVE Christmas cards too. They make my heart happy.

Molly said...

AWWW! I loved that blog. I too love those sweet ornaments of my children as little people. (Except the one year they decided to decorate empty coke cans with markers...crayola markers!) Yep! They are not on the tree but I DID keep them! haha!

Have a Merry One!

maribeth said...

sorry, jen, i got all caught up in my favorites and totally forgot . . . ummm . . .


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