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Sunday, December 21

being pregnant during the christmas season is crazy. when i was pregnant with miller, i remember feeling this way, but he wasn't due until april. being this pregnant during the christmas season is chaos. i am constantly trying to mark things off the hundreds of different lists i have created: gifts, school, baby, etc. in the midst of all this chaos, i have managed to create a few gifts and a few decorations. notice i didn't say finish. i think finish is relative because i don't know that i ever think of anything as finished. to me, everything is a work in progress or a work that can be improved. so, with that in mind, here are the ones i have progressed enough with to post.

"merry & bright" christmas banner

every year i struggle with a way to display my christmas cards. this year, i came up with this and i love it!! it makes me happy! they are strung on the ribbon hanging between the bookcases in the playroom. i can see them from where i sit on the computer, watch tv, craft, etc.
a close up of the clips i used
 my tree collection: a vintage button tree, a vintage paper ribbon tree & a tree made of something that resembles marabou
a close-up of the button tree. it was the first one i made and it sits upon a miniature milk glass candlestick (thanks, mom).
and, button magnets. they are addictive. what you see below is my children's teacher gifts. i bought these adorable stands at one of my favorite shops, added the ribbon and made the magnets to hold one of our christmas cards. all you do is come up with your design and hot glue it all to a magnet or whatever else you come up with. they could be paper clips, thumb tacks, pins, barretts, etc. note in the picture my non-type a husband had to line them all up.
aren't they adorable!

fyi, i will be blogging a lot in the next few days to hopefully catch up before christmas day and before the baby arrives!



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