a visit with santa 12.23

Wednesday, December 31

each year we go visit santa on the first day that josh is off work for the holiday season. this year, even though it was closer to christmas day than usual, the line was shorter than usual. while we waited, miller spent his time watching santa.

then, miller waited with me while he watched santa.
and, finally . . .
we got our turn with santa. miller ran and gave him a hug before telling him the same thing, "i wanna choo-choo twain you can wide on an say 'all-are-born!'" and, carter just shrugged her shoulders and said, "i don't know." pitiful! you can tell from the picture she doesn't feel good. approximately an hour later she began to complain about her ear. bless her heart!


jennifer said...

she does look like she feels yucky. poor carter.

hurry hurry and post pictures of baby 'pencer. we are dying here!


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