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Monday, December 22

we have started a couple of new traditions this year. first, we are a family of book lovers. as a teacher, i have tons of books and my children could read all day long. christmas books are no different. last year, i read on another blog (but no idea which one) about wrapping your christmas books and letting the kids open one a night. of course, it was too late to do it then, so we decided to start this year. in case you want to start this one next year, i will tell you how. first, go the day after christmas this year and buy a few new books half price. they get so excited when it is a new one. then, next year, wrap 23 christmas books in one paper and wrap the night before christmas in another paper. then, on christmas day night we will read the christmas story from their children's bible. my children have loved this new tradition. they take turns opening a book each night-they have not fought over it once, they always know whose turn it is, and they allow the other one to help. the only problem is that each night they both want to take the book to bed, but we can usually fix this dilemma by letting the other one pick a book we already opened.

second is this little guy. actually another literary find. this is charlie the elf. he lives at our house from the day after thanksgiving until christmas eve. elf on the shelf was another day after christmas find at the book store last year. the book explains exactly what his job is for the season and what the rules are for him to stay. the first rule is to name him. since our favorite newborn of this time had been born exactly one week before the elf arrived, they decided to name him charlie. here is charlie precariously perched on the art easel. isn't he cute?


Kris J. said...

i *love* the book idea, we're so doing this next year! and i'm going out for an elf on friday too, so sweet, and next year faith will actually get it!

love all the blogging before baby :D

Sonya @ Blissfully Balentine said...

Your elf brought back a whirlwind of memories when I saw it. My mom had 5 of these when I was growing up and every year she would hide them around our house. It became a game to see who was first to find all of them. Thanks for this. I can't believe I had forgotten such a great thing!! Hope you are doing well! Merry Christmas!


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