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Sunday, December 7

yes, we are those obnoxious people who sing this song every time we get excited about the christmas season! we have decided to start a few new traditions this year for the holidays. the first was to decorate while we watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have always decorated the day after christmas, but due to our (or shall i say, josh's) very laid back attitude about the fast approaching arrival of baby #3, the day would instead be spent hosting a painting party for both children's bedrooms. so, because i am a crazy christmas decorating nazi, i told josh we had to do it in advance or it would be too late for my liking. as we decorated and watched the parade, we thought, "what a great idea!" so, we decided to make it a tradition.
the first and only ornament to break
the only way josh is included in the photos
concentrating on hanging his ornament
i love that the belly is part of this shot
this little grouping is what carter was working so hard on in the last picture.
she has added to it several times since decorating. i think she would put them all at her level if she could reach them.
the last contribution to the tree and it is always placed on top by josh. carter asked me the other day why we had an angel and meme & papaw had a star. i explained to her that they were both used by God to tell others of the birth of Jesus. i grew up with a star, josh with an angel. we tried for several years to find something we loved and, finally, found this. i think she is beautiful and i love the symbolism of both. so, which one do you top your tree with-an angel or a star?


Sonya said...

Love your pictures! We started out with an angel and have since moved to a star. I found this really pretty gold Moravian(sp)star made out of grapevine and wrapped in lights a few years ago and love it. Merry Christmas! Can't wait to meet little "Flower!"

Anonymous said...

Great new tradition! I, of course, on 12/9 have trees up from the basement but no decorations! The angel for tree #1 was made by one of the boys and each year requires more tape to hold her together. Tree #1 (the fancy one) has a star but not nearly enough ornaments. It's ginormous!
Ho ho ho to all. Grammie/judy

Southern Mama said...

Star for us! And it is a Daddy job in our house too!


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