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Sunday, December 7

ms. emily brought these incredible chocolate pumpkin balls to school around halloween. they were so yummy and she said her little girl helped make them. i thought they would be a great contribution to our thanksgiving and a fun time with daddy, because we all know i don't cook!
well, let's just say that it didn't go as easily as emily said or photographed on her blog. everything was going as planned until it was time to roll the dough into balls. first, josh couldn't get them to cooperate without lots of flour and the kids were sad because that pretty much meant they were out of the cooking process. then, after letting them set for a while in the refrigerator, he attempted to dip them in the melted chocolate, but it still wasn't working very well. so, he used a skewer to dip them, hence the large hole in the top of each one. after much frustration, he ended up partially dipping the last half of the batch and left them in the refrigerator overnight.
so, the next morning as we are packing up to head to my parents' house for thanksgiving, josh is placing the pumpkin balls on a plate and wrapping them up when miller enters the kitchen. he asks josh, "what is that?" josh responds, "pumpkin balls." to which miller says, "pumpkin balls? can we throw them?" 


Margaret said...

what a boy!!!

Emily & Amelia said...

Do I need to come over and give a lesson???? We could make red velvet cake balls for Christmas :)

jennifer said...

hee, hee! He's so cute!

They look great on that plate! So pretty!


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