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Tuesday, March 24

recently, carter has become very finicky about music. we actually see this as a somewhat positive experience in our family because we believe not all music is created equal. we have a very musical extended family and both grew up with music playing an important roll in our lives. we want our children to love music as we do. we want our children to feel the intense emotion a song can produce. the smile it can bring, the goose bumps it can raise, the connection it can make. 

our church just released a worship cd. it is really good, and i am not just saying that because josh played on it-it really is good. we have been listening to it a.l.o.t. so much so, that carter can sing along to almost every song. there is something so cool about watching your child sing about jesus. i know she may not understand all of the concepts, but years from now she will remember those words and the promises that they hold. and, hopefully, she will get it. 

it is this same cd that has made me think about worship music as a whole which brings me to the following questions: 

at some point, as a christian, you fear that you may have to listen to sub par music for the rest of your life. have you ever noticed how if someone isn't good enough to cut it in pop or rock music, they go country, and if that doesn't work, they become a christian artist? if you are only singing for jesus to bring fame to yourself, i think you need to rethink singing for jesus.


when recording live worship music, why do some people feel it is a good idea to also record the prayer spoken before or after the song?? it is weird. i feel like i am eavesdropping . . . on someone's personal conversation with jesus. weird.


Molly said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I have SO wondered the very same things!!!

YEARS ago Jon was in a garage band - a CHRISTIAN punk band. I would always tell him "What's the point of saying your a Christian punk band if NO ONE can UNDERSTAND a SINGLE SOLITARY WORD! Somehow screaming like a poltergeist is not bring glory to God in my opinion!

jennifer said...

I totally agree.

I'm also totally wierded out by worship pastors who care more about image than bringing the church members to the throne of Christ.

Do you want to be a rock star, or a worship pastor?


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