oh, snow!

Saturday, March 14

sorry for the long delay brought to you by comcast. comcast decided to take 5 days to get my chosen images from colonel awesome's computer to mine. (what do you think? is the name thing working? i didn't think so.) "ridicilus", as we like to say at our house. 

so, two weeks ago, it was rumored that we were in for more snow. carter had a birthday party to attend and josh had a bridal portrait to take, but the stars aligned and we were going to be able to do everything with a hand off at the portrait location. if you live in the south, you know that snow, real snow, is rare, and so is accurate weather forecasting. fast forward to halfway through the party when it starts to rain, then sleet, then snow in a matter of minutes. after i pried spencer from a grandmother's arms, we headed to meet the boys. by the time we made it to the location, the ground was covered and it was snowing hard. we headed home and i could hardly see a thing. my windshield wipers were not working very well and the street was covered in slush. by the time we made it home, it was almost dark. it snowed all night for a total of 8 inches! what?!?

josh played the guitar at an event after the portrait and the next morning at church. our kids didn't get to go play in it until the next day at 2 pm. look at how much snow was left!

snow is yummy!
so yummy, you should share it with a friend!

do you know what happens when you live in the south and you leave your umbrella up and it snows 8 inches~
that's what! nice.

4 days later after preschool, guess what was still on the ground? that's right, snow. now, don't get me wrong, i like snow. especially pretty, thick snow that makes everything look magical. i like it better when we ALL get to stay home and play in it and watch movies and drink hot chocolate while snuggled on the couch. i also like it better when it is gone when we return to our regular routines. this snow lingered, much like winter has altogether this year. and, i am SO OVER winter

my mom is not. she built this snowman with my kids after preschool. they made it a pirate snowman because that is the only hat they would let the snowman borrow. my dad found some sticks in the back yard and i pulled buttons from my stash. my mom found part of my broken tail light (from when josh backed into the fence ;) for the mouth and, voila! this was the response when i said, what does a pirate do? miller was heart broken about something. he never recovered. well, you can't make everyone happy! 3 days later we watched the last of our snowman melt. finally! and, it looked like spring was on it's way . . .


jennifer said...

that last picture is sooo funny! i am cracking up at miller doing the pout and carter's pirate face!

josh@jmalahy.com said...

Had to bring up the fence thing, didn't you.


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