the anatomy of an announcement

Monday, March 2

so several weeks ago, we loaded up the car and headed to my parents house in an attempt to capture the perfect photo of our new precious bundle of joy to use when we announced her existence to the world. i had the perfect idea in my head and i had to figure out how to get my idea through josh's eye and camera. let me just say that past experiences of josh trying to get the photograph i have envisioned have not always been pleasant, quick or successful. in fact, they are usually the opposite. my idea completely hinged on a vintage chenille chair at my parents' house. here is said chair:

. . . adorned with an adorable little boy who was more than happy to be our stand-in.

i could just eat him!

precious tiny baby feet

sweet big brother trying to make it all better. 

these two have such a sweet relationship. he says,"she's so cute. i love her."

the one. not exactly what i saw, but super close.

the runner up. also, not exactly what i saw and not as close as above.

and, now that they are in the mail, announcing . . .


breanne said...

absolutely adorable!


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