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Tuesday, February 24

as the parent of three children and a bible believing christian, i feel the need to do my part in caring for our planet. God gave us the earth and as his people, i believe we should take care of it. unlike many tree huggers, i do not believe that it will go away if we do not. i believe only God can do that. just as i should take care of my body even though God will choose when it will no longer be needed. all that said, we still try to do our part here by recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, etc. we try not to litter or waste materials and so on. i am sure we can do more. and, we try to incorporate things as we become more aware. 

i know many people use these:

and, i think that is great. it is not for me. as a parent of three, i can hardly keep up with the laundry we produce, much less if i had a bucket full of these at the end of each day. plus, our almost three year old boy is still in diapers (i know, i know) and, well, if you saw what was in them, you would agree that we shouldn't use cloth ones too.

but then, i found these:

seriously, some things should not be reused. if you don't know what they are, look real close. that's right. i understand some of the benefits of cloth diapers, such as: 

saves money
safe for the earth
healthier alternative

the same benefits apply to these i am sure, but, really. 

and, i don't care how cute the fabric print is, that's just gross!


Kris J. said...

i ran across those when i first started sewing, i hate laundry enough without adding that nonsense to it :D

The Perkins Girls said...

ew. really?????

Kelly said...

so i just showed jason the pic and asked him if he knew what those were. he said, "eye masks?" too funny.

jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

I'm OK with recycling and being good stewards of God's beautiful creation and all....but this is just icky! Grammie

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

SERIOUSLY?!?!? I had no idea non-disposables for "that" even existed. blicka!


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