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Monday, January 19

i don't know why or how, but we tend to forget so many things about newborns. i have had three children all of similar weights and yet each time i am shocked at how tiny they are. but, like i said, i have had three children and what i have found is that some things are, and will always be, precious about newborns.

1. milk lips: these are the milky white look of their lips right after nursing. it has to be my absolute favorite newborn trait. if you have no idea, what this is, look below. another favorite nursing trait, the nursing callous that forms on their top lip.
2. pterodactyl cries: this is my terminology for the newborn cries. i don't know about you, but all three of my children have sounded like a pterodactyl when they cried as a newborn. it is a distinct cry, not the same as the older infant or toddler cry.
here is spencer making the pterodactyl cry during her newborn photo shoot. of course, we had to change our idea due to this response.

3. newborn smell. i don't think you need any help with this one. ummm, so yummy.

4. tininess: is that even a word? tininess. i love that everything is tiny. especially with this one. 

miller was not. his head was (and still is) huge. not on the chart until after a year. he was long. 21 1/2 inches long. and he grew quickly for the first year. 

spencer has the tiniest feet i have ever seen. so tiny. her head is so tiny. she is so tiny. with this tininess comes tiny diapers, tiny clothes, and tiny everything else. 

it's these things that make the sleep deprived nights, caffeine induced stupor, and baby brain seem a worth while exchange-well, at least for a little while.


Emily & Amelia said...!!!! I adore the newborn stage! Spencer is beautiful!

Southern Mama said...

Love it, and so so sweet! I, too, love a newborn.
Oh and by the way, Will's head is STILL off the charts.

jennifer said...

your list could be mine! i'm totally with you!
you forgot to add those sweet little grunts and coos... oh...

Sonya @ Blissfully Balentine said...

It's too bad the tininess doesn't stick around for longer! I LOVED it too!!!

misty said...

i love their tiny little feet & fingers!

and its crazy that they do nothing, just lay there & we could stare at them all day?!?!

pure cuteness!!!

Bedding for Babies said...

I just love new born. They are so cute and innocent... Gosh!!!! The pic is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett!!!!!!!!!


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