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Tuesday, January 27

one of the things i have come to love about my phone is the camera and note pad. i had a camera phone before, but the pictures were horrible. my iphone produces pretty decent pictures and the note pad allows me to keep lists and document little quotes or stories all on my phone. it has practically become my life line. i really don't want to forget these things they have said or done, and now, maybe i won't. i thought it would be fun to see some of the things we have captured since i got my phone.
this is miller at ikea in atlanta. when you go inside, they give you a pencil and paper to keep up with things you like. josh put his pencil behind his ear and miller wanted to be just like daddy. too cute!
carter trying on some blingetty bling bling shoes at macy's one night. i truly believe she walks better in heels than her mama. so sad!
"i sister!" is what miller proclaimed when he put carter's bow headband on his head one day at target. he is too funny!
the little mama one saturday morning with her "baby". we have been revisiting this game the past few days. i had to pry two children out of this stroller today alone.
never a better time to preserve a memory than when your children are riding a jackass with a skeleton! here they are outside one of our favorite mexican restaurants.
one sunday morning on the way to church, miller put a pull-up on his head and thought it was hysterical. carter and i thought so, too. i literally pulled over on the side of the road to take this picture.
moose ears and a book about cookie-gotta love the dollar section at target!
bob the builder, can you fix it?
bob the builder, yes he can!
miller helping renovate meme and papaw's house.
last week after preschool miller started talking about "mr.socky". i turned around to find this. no shoes or socks on his feet, but a fun little puppet on his hand. look how funny he thinks it is that "mr.socky is poopy"-ugh, boys!
and then sunday, i walked into the living room to find this. apparently, miller's moose wanted to check out the view. what do you see, moose?

i never know when i might need to capture something my kids say or do, especially if miller is involved. as seen above, that kid is FuNnY!


meme said...

All of the pictures are so cute! But, my personal favorite would have to be Bob the Builder with the exception of the backdrop he's working on. Black out drapes for nap time? - Nope, just a sheet. Whoops!


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