look at the size of that noggin!

Friday, August 18

today was miller's 4 month checkup. every mother knows the excitement of the checkup-it is here that you receive documented proof that your baby is the (fill in the blank). we all pride ourselves on something, whether we have the smallest baby, the heaviest baby, the longest baby, etc. we all pride ourselves on something, and now it appears, i can pride myself on having the baby with the biggest head! that's right, miller's head is apparently enormous. after being assured that everything looks normal because it does coincide with his length, i rode home thinking of the many quotes josh would recall from "so i married an ax murderer".

"look at the size of that noggin!"
"it's like an orange on a toothpick."
"he'll cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow."

so, go ahead, send us all the jokes you can recall.

for those of you who are curious, the statistics:
weight: 15 lbs, 11 oz
length: 26 1/2 in
head: 44 1/2 cm



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