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Thursday, January 8

carter has always had her own vocabulary. she mispronounces words or creates her own. i know we should correct them, but i know one day they will all be pronounced correctly and i will miss each one. now, don't fret, we don't perpetuate the situation by pronouncing them the way she does. we just allow her to make the correlation on her own. but, some are so cute, i just have to share. 

hamptry (n): a room designated for storing non perishable food products and the washing machine, clothes dryer and any such materials.
created from a combination of the words hamper and pantry.
for those of you with a large house, you are thinking how can this be one. in our tiny house, we are just thankful to have our washer and dryer indoors and next to one another. in our first house, the washer was in the kitchen next to the stove and the dryer was in the pantry. so, if you have a hamptry in your house, consider yourself lucky!

pictographer (n): a person who takes pictures
created from a combination of the words picture and photographer.

carter's preschool class is currently discussing community helpers. she came home saying her friend's dad is a dentist. he is actually a lawyer, but i am not sure how the confusion began. she talked about dentists several times before i asked her if she knew what josh and i did. she said, "yes, daddy is a pictographer."

babing suit (n): a item of clothing typically worn in the warmer summer months when at the beach, pool or sprinkler park. 
mispronunciation of the words bathing suit,
or created from a combination of the words babe and bathing suit.

this is one of her first word creations. it started two summers ago. we relished in it thinking it would be corrected the next summer, but it wasn't. and, deep down, it made us happy. 


Southern Mama said...

I love when they do this, too. John Russel told Mae to be more "lady life" one time. I'll never forget it.


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