sunday morning 01.11

Monday, January 26

one sunday morning while josh was at church, miller found a box of packing peanuts by the back door. we believed they were in a safe location before being disposed of, miller believed they were the perfect opportunity to pretend it was snowing. that's right, snowing. 

first, he dumped the entire box on the floor. enter tired, blurry eyed mama. what in the world? he said ms.donna brought "snow" to school and they played and had snow ball fights and it was so fun. did you clean it up? i asked. no, ms.donna did. once the mess had begun, i just went with it. 

here carter is trying with all her might to push miller like he is sledding, but to no avail. by the way, the box is what originally contained the "snow". nice size, huh?
then, it was time for "snow" angels.

in case you are wondering where all the "snow" is-umm, try under every nook and cranny of my living room. the clean-up took for-ev-a. mostly because miller refused to help. he lost many toys to the attic that morning. we picked up peanuts for days. days, i tell ya. ms.donna, why didn't you help clean up at my house??

the above photos are all thanks to my only memory tracking device, the iphone, and were taken from my nursing perch on the couch.


jennifer said...

this is so cute! i love this post!

Emily & Amelia said...

what a fun mama!!!

Becky Lollar said...

Hee hee!! Looks like an American Girl box with AG peanuts!! Sad I recognize that, huh?!

maribeth said...

yes, becky, it was and i wanted to curse them for using those peanuts before all was said and done!


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