and baby makes three

Friday, January 16

oh my goodness! i couldn't decide which one i liked best, so you get to these few. i could just eat them all up, especially miller's giggle face in the second one. they just love her as you can tell. they want to hold her hand and sit with her in their lap and show her their toys and sing to her and kiss her and hug her and teach her where her hands are and on and on and on. it is just too sweet! and the best part is, there is no sibling rivalry with her yet!

with her, no one makes ugly faces or screams or takes her favorite toy or hits or stomps or says mean things or colors on her paper or on and on and on. that's right, we have begun the battle here. don't get me wrong, it is not all day, and they love on one another way more than they fight. and the way they love each other, almost makes you forget that a few minutes ago they were playing tug-of-war with the stroller and carter was making an ugly face with her teeth bared together while miller screamed his shrill scream at the top of his lungs and i nursed spencer while screaming over it all to stop fighting. oh, the joys of motherhood! it makes you realize your parents were right, even more than you already thought. and if you are reading this, thinking my children won't act that way-ha! just wait a few years, or months!-because we all fight with our siblings, just think about your own!


jennifer said...

I love all three pictures too!

I love how Miller and Carter are looking at each other in the first one.

Southern Mama said...

So so sweet. There is nothing sweeter than a new baby. Mae and John Russel still love Will like that, especially Mae!


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