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Wednesday, January 7

seriously, how cute is this?
but, wait, i think this may be even cuter! i can't decide. what do you think?
too bad the firemen & emts that visited our house early new year's day weren't this adorable. 

yes, you read right, we had a short visit, followed by an ambulance ride, early last thursday morning. spencer was born last monday and we came home from the hospital on wednesday around noon. early thursday morning, after i finished feeding spencer, she turned her head and spit up blood. what appeared to be pure, red blood. i calmly woke up josh and asked him to turn the light on and get a burp cloth. then i told him spencer had spit up blood. as i sat and looked at it in the light, i was suddenly struck with "now what?" i got up to see if our pediatrician had an emergency number and josh started looking it up in the biggest waste of paper ever printed. as i was about to call the office on my cell phone to see if they listed an emergency line, spencer projectile vomited blood and brown yuck all over me and her. i freaked and dialed 911. this is the bottom line-my baby was 2 1/2 days old. it was a holiday. and it was 5:50 a.m. no one else was available and i wanted to know for sure why there was so much blood. although the emts were not concerned about her condition (she was calm, she was pink, she was breathing) they did think we should be assured that the blood was mine and not hers. they speculated the blood was mine, but it just seemed like a lot to me to be all mine. so, i held spencer in a blood stained gown, blanket and burp cloth wearing mismatched clothes also covered in blood all the way to baptist in the back of an ambulance. surreal is all i can say. surreal. once there, spencer endured various tests including a tube down her throat to pump stomach contents, 2 vials of blood drawn, blood pressure cuff, rectal thermometer readings, etc. they collected blood from the burp cloth and sent everything off for 2 different tests to be run. after 2 hours, they both said that the blood was all mine. apparently there is a nursing condition called "rusty pipes" in which blood in drawn through the milk ducts during nursing. the condition is more likely to occur with subsequent children and occurs in the beginning when oxitocin is released in the body during nursing. thank goodness the emergency room pediatrician knew a lot about breastfeeding. he called a lactation consultant at baptist women's for any recommendations (just more nursing). and, we were released and home before 10 a.m. so, spencer and i took our first ambulance rides together-me at 30 and her at 2 1/2 days. let's pray it will also be the last for all of us!

oh, but now that you have read that crazy story that i had to document before all the details are blurry, look back up to the top at those adorably cute pictures. now, that's better!

* my mom corrected me. the condition is called rusty pipes, not leaky pipes. crazy baby brain! i told you i needed it documented before i couldn't remember the details. you're lucky i used the correct child's name! 


Molly said...

Oh my goodness. My heart is skipping like a million beats. I am so glad everyone is fine. Yes, Miller is adorable in his uniform!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh... you poor thing. I can't even imagine how terrified you must have been. The second picture is my favorite. :) SO PRECIOUS!

The Longs said...

The SAME thing happened to Macie and I as well when she was bout 2 weeks old!! And they told us the exact same thing!!! Scared me to DEATH! I"m glad she is ok now and that moms heart is at ease:-)

Southern Mama said...

So so scary! There is nothing scarier to a new mama than something happening to her new baby. I know you were terrified. What a crazy thing. Who knew that could happen!

Laura said...

OMGoodness! I don't think that I have ever experienced such a range of emotion while reading a single blog post as I experienced while reading this one. WOW! I started off "ooing" and "aweing" at Miller's cuteness. Then, I experienced fear and horror at what was happening to Spencer, and I really felt for you and Josh. At the end, I actually laughed--probably because I was relieved that Spencer was fine and slightly humored that the cause of this whole mess was breastfeeding. Wow. I am sorry that you had such a frightening experience, but I'm so thankful that Spencer is just fine!

The Perkins Girls said...

Yikes! You poor things! :( Glad everything is okay. But seriously, "rusty pipes"? Can't the medical world concoct a better name?? ha ha!

Amanda Lovell said...

Oh My! I can't believe that happened. I'm impressed that you stayed so calm. Not sure how I would have handled that situation so early in the morning and with such a newbie. She is absolutely adorable!!! I am so glad that she is here and that she is okay after your "pipes" issue. LOVE THE NAME!


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