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Sunday, July 6

carter learned to write her name last fall. just like every kid, it became more legible over time. and now, it is pretty perfect if i do say so myself. a few months ago, she became obsessed with writing--everything. the hardest part for me is that she doesn't want me to actually write the letters to show her, but point them out or describe them (a circle with a stick). luckily, i have some knowledge in this area as a four year old preschool teacher. and many people who have seen her in action say, "oh, well i don't work with my child like you do." well, i don't either because as a preschool teacher, i know how important it is to wait until the child shows interest and for the information to be age appropriate.
now, if you are not a preschool teacher, you are now asking, "what is that?" that is a sign that carter made on may 31st for her papaw. when she saw this picture the other day when i emailed it to myself (from josh's computer) she said, "eww, that's messy!" ha! too funny that she is critical of her own handwriting, and she is right,  she definitely has improved in the last month. 
back to the sign, it says:
uhn, uhn, uhn
you have to
the seat down
now, the story:
carter is a typical 3 year old who waits until the last minute sometimes to go to the bathroom. my parents just moved into their house in april and the bathroom is very dark when the light is off. also, my dad leaves the seat up after he goes to the bathroom. so, occasionally when carter runs to the bathroom, you will hear this yell followed by "meme!" or "mommy!" desperate for someone to come to her rescue. so, when she went to spend the night with them that night, carter came in with a piece of paper and crayons and asked me to help make a sign. i asked what she wanted it to say and she said,"uhn, uhn, uhn you have to leave the seat down." i suggested a few other phrases that included the word please but she was adamant about it saying "uhn, uhn, uhn" and not please! too funny!



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