sprinkler park 06.13

Wednesday, July 16

i am so sorry it has been so long since my last post. last weekend, josh had two weddings, i had a shower, and the kids had two birthday parties. and, as if that wasn't crazy enough, one of josh's weddings was in st.louis! so, i will try to post a lot in the next couple of days to try to get us up to date. 

so, over a month ago, our combined small group for the summer decided to meet at the collierville sprinkler park one night. the weather was perfect! and the kids had a blast while the adults hung out and talked. josh must have been in a mood because he took almost 400 photos. crazy! here are a few. 
ella, love how she looks afraid:
seth, so content watching:
evelyn, completely soaked:
and, austin:
there were more, but somehow josh didn't get pictures of everyone. you can see shea in the background of austin's picture. below are some others from that night.



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