i love this picture. and to think, i used to despise these shoes.
this broke miller's heart. not only did he get sprayed in the face, but his goldfish got wet!
a big kid accidently ran into carter and knocked her down. apparently the turf was a little painful because she then did this for several minutes. josh and i laughed and laughed.
aww, how sweet! taylor is the newest member of our small group and a long awaited addition for carter as she is a girl! carter has been praying for a baby sister for quite some time now and spending time with taylor was like heaven on earth. they laid like this for at least half an hour except every time taylor spit up, carter literally jumped up and away and cried, "ms.emily! ms.emily!" so taylor's mommy could clean up and then it was back to visiting. melt your heart!
it was a blast and we were there until they turned off the sprinklers, something i didn't know happened! 



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