sweet miller still longingly looking at the kidsteam carts
miller & carter watching a little live music. these two heard this music and followed it and were determined to watch-they are so their daddy's children.
carter going down the slide at marquette park.
miller going down & avery watching.
a "little"snow cone to cool off. we had just sat down with our $4 snow cane that towered high over that crazy shaped container when it toppled over and feel on the ground. miller began screaming at the top of his lungs (the heat and fact that it was nap time pushed him over the edge). i just couldn't go wait in line for tickets, wait in line at the stand with the man who cursed the entire time he talked to us, and then come back to miller who would have still been screaming. luckily, our friends shared with us and all was well!

side note: the reason why i don't have a picture of everyone going down the slide is quit possibly one of the scariest things i have ever been a part of. while at the playground, jennifer noticed a little girl wearing just ducky. i actually knew the little girl from preschool. she was in the inclusion class my first two years teaching at hope. we began talking to her mother and were all watching the children when we did not see her come back around the play gym. her mother walked around the play gym and then left quickly in a panic leaving their stroller and belongings behind. jennifer was on top of the play gym with the kids so she began to look around and i headed toward the next available open walkway. for anyone who has been to this festival, you know how crowded it is. i did not see her and expected to see that they had returned for their stuff when i turned the corner, but they had not. jennifer and i were both so worried and upset because we had been talking to her. after a few more minutes, i went looking for them, really worried that she had not found her. it was then that i saw her, carrying her daughter and putting her shoes on her. the little girl had run all the way around the track to luigi land, removed her shoes and begun jumping in the moon bounce-no adult, no ticket, nothing. how scary! scary that in seconds near one of the busiest intersections, she had gotten so far so fast! we were so relieved that she was found and she was safe. 



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