what we did in june

Monday, July 28

this summer we took off from preschool for the first time since we started there when carter turned one. mom and dad have moved back to the big city so they wanted to spend more time with the kids. carter had an interesting year so we thought she needed a break before the next school year. this summer has been a time for firsts. you may laugh that my children have not experienced some of these things, but do to their close proximity in age and the fact that we had no family in town before, there are just some things they have never done.
miller enjoys a sno cone at the zoo-no firsts here, just an indulgent grandmother!
their first movie, that's right, first movie was the bee movie at the malco kids summer film fest. miller would go for the popcorn alone, but carter is glued to the screen from beginning to end.
a little coloring in the afternoon light-love the face!

and, carter's first trip to build-a-bear was this summer for a birthday party. miller still has not been, but we are thinking it might be a great idea when we are ready to relocate his pacifier. his papaw is not so sure and thinks if we put precious "bobby" in one of those bears, we would wake up to a room full of stuffing and miller reunited with his beloved friend. it is a relationship few understand!



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