Sunday, October 4

that is what this is.

i have not blogged in over a week. and, it is not because i have nothing to blog. it is because i have way, way too many things on my to do list, way too many things to sew (miller's wardrobe, for one), way too many new tv shows on my dvr, and yada yada yada.

i have finished cleaning out the closets and the attic of junk we do not use. i still need to pack up three sets of spring clothes, sort fall clothes into the appropriate closets, decorate for halloween (ah, the holiday seasons have begun!) and sew, sew, sew!

i feel so guilty that i am behind on blogging family pictures, tutorials, thrifty thursdays, etc. that i am planning to blog every day to catch up! so, stayed tuned and let me know what your favorite posts to read are. i am always wondering if i should stick to family & picture type stuff, or more tutorials, or my thriftiness (it is picking up, it was not pretty out there for a while) or whatever. so, you tell me.

and, because i have nothing else to do, i will be getting this fixed tomorrow.

this is also pitiful. carter has been growing it out from the cute bob she no longer wants. my mom and i had been trimming the weird little pieces that came out every now and then, but she really needed a "trim to just even it out around the bottom". those are the words i told josh to use and the words he spoke to the woman (because she is obviously not a stylist) at supercuts yesterday. i know, i shouldn't have let him take her to supercuts, but, in my defense, we were having a street wide yard sale, attending a birthday party (the cutest) at 11 and josh had a wedding at 3. but, why is it, that they always say "okay" to my very specific instruction and then take creative liberties. hello??

here are some other supercuts hairtastrophies from the past.

i'm sorry, did i say bangs?? because i don't remember saying bangs.
um, were you trying to make him look like jim carey from dumb & dumber?

ugh, you would think i would learn.


Molly said...

awww, glad to read that you're back!

I took my Jonathan to get a "little boy" haircut.
Sat down to read a magazine and next thing...his hair
is in a buzz (before the rage) ....he look liked Oli North...(i am sure you were too young to remember him)

breanne said...

Oh, we've had many of those. It's not thaaat bad, lol. Really, it's not.

Emily & Amelia said...

Go to sweet-n-sassy - its $12 for a cut and they do such a good job - ask for Beth

kris said...

lol, sad! makes me extra glad for shalein, who comes to my house and cuts all our hair for like $30. i give her $35 cause i feel bad, lol!


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