what we did on our fall break . . .

Tuesday, October 13

this is what i have been up to:
his began in the wee hours on sunday and has hopefully let itself out the door.

spencer's began wednesday night, but it is hard to take pictures with your iphone while holding a feverish, needy baby that occasionally vomits on you with no warning.

but, miller, he was different. he would let out a yell to signify it was about to begin, kinda like a battle cry. then, he would turn his head and move around to ensure that nothing went untouched. why can boys not throw up in a bowl??
then, until the next battle cry, he begged for food and drink. begged. for milk, cheese, hot dogs, mcdonald's, anything and everything that should not sound good.

by day 2, he was starving, but so lethargic. he slept most of the day. my mom brought by reinforcements (crackers, sprite and soup for miller and sonic diet coke for me). she brought miller some tater tots. actually, she brought him an extra large tater tot. he woke up and started shoving them into his mouth. about four or five in and he let out the battle cry. as soon as he was finished, he continued eating even as i tried to reason with him on why it wasn't a good idea. he ate the entire box and part of a mozzarella stick he ravaged from carter before falling back asleep. he woke up and told josh he wanted chicken nuggets, french fries and ranch from mcdonald's. what sickie wants, sickie gets. and, he kept it all down. thank goodness! i don't think my couch could take much more.

plus, being covered in puke and poop when it has been days since you had a shower is not fun.


Staci said...

Oh so sorry! Did they have the flu or stomach virus?

breanne said...

yucky, yuck, yuck! tristan wanted hot wings while he had the flu. how nasty is that?!? glad all are better!

jennifer said...

poor miller! i love the battle cry description.

The Perkins Girls said...

poor buddy :( glad he's feeling better. but what is that bottle looking thing on the couch next to him??

me said...

ha, jodie! it is a tummy tickler bottle. you can buy them at target or walmart and they come with nasty apple juice, but they are reusable. they have all sorts of characters (of course, miller has toy story) and they are reusable. the best part-they don't leak!!)

grammie said...

Just pitiful.


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