a vintage halloween

Friday, October 23

i absolutely love to decorate for holidays. if it were up to me, there would always be a holiday approaching just so i can decorate. this year, i seem to prefer a more simple black and white color palette. i have streamlined most of my decorations this year to reflect this change. i bought several of these foam gourds and pumpkins last year at hobby lobby for 90% off (that's $.19 to $.39 each). this year i spray painted them all black or antique white.
once i saw this idea on flickr, i was on the look out for the perfect book.
i just happened upon a taller old book with the top of the pages inked black at an estate sale a few weeks ago for $.50. i love it!

she makes my heart so happy it is almost silly! i have wanted to create something like this for a while, so when i saw this kit here, i had to have it!! it is amazing the detail that went into creating mixed media piece. so many of these pieces use creepy looking photos, but boo girl is too cute. i love how she fits into my theme. do you think it is too much if i leave her up year round?? maybe they will have a christmas kit. i hope so.
here is another picture that includes the pumpkins and gourds. after i painted them black or white, i striped or dotted them and white washed them and put them in a glass jar.

of course, i have more, but it is not finished and might not be. we will see. our weekend is full of festivals and the like. happy halloween!

(fyi: all photos were taken with film by my incredibly generous husband, who only gets slightly annoyed when i ask him to photograph such things ;)


kris said...

too sweet! i love it all. halloween has gotten the big ol' shaft here this year, hopefully i'll get it together a little for thanksgiving!! and christmas, of course! love the book pumpkin and your little boo pixie girl :)

breanne said...

love the book and the boo girl! and josh's photography...what can i say? he's genius!


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