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Monday, October 26

in early october, the weather here was beautiful when it wasn't raining (i know i keep mentioning that) so we went to the zoo a couple of times.
here is the token picture of spencer in her stroller because it is where she resides in all these escapades. we do let her out sometimes, but then that usually means the person holding the camera is now holding a baby. an adorably sweet baby.
doesn't she look so sweet? i almost hate to mention it because it looks like we may be on the upward swing out of the ugly girl 4 year old phase. if you don't know what that is, then you must be blessed with only boys. it is the i know more than you, you are wrong and no i am not 13 yet phase where you get ugly faces and disobedience and you keep thinking isn't this supposed to come later phase. apparently, it rears its ugly head in the preschool years first and then lies dormant waiting to attack later in the tweens. i am not a fan.
but, this kid, oh this kid. he makes me laugh. out. loud.

when josh and i found out we were expecting our first baby, we joked about how their name would sound with all their speech issues. why, you ask? well, because most of both sides of our family has had speech therapy to learn simple sounds like s and r. so, we expected this to be an issue. if you asked me currently, i would jump on my soapbox about developmentally appropriate and how there is an age at which these things need to be corrected but not until the developmentally appropriate time. just so you know. i am not inept, just sensitive to my children being placed on everyone else's time table. (stepping off box now.)

so, before we left for the zoo, i was feeding spencer and miller sat down on the couch and the following conversation ensued:

miller: mommy, say snee-
me: snee
miller: now say duhs
me: doors (thinking i was interpreting correctly)
miller: snee-
me: snee
miller: duhs
me: doors
miller: snee-
me: snee
miller: duhs
me: doors
miller, throwing he shoes in the floor: sneeduhs!!
me: oh, sneakers!

my little flamingo

and, another miller story. after returning from the zoo, my mom was helping miller in the bathroom. she happened to refer to his underwear as briefs. he proceeded to correct her and said, "they are not briefs, meme. they are underpants."
my mom: well, next time i will try to remember they are underpants.
miller: if you don't, then that is okay, meme. then, you can call them that.
my mom: no, miller, i will keep trying.
miller: okay, meme, that is what i do when i say something wrong, too.

ha! what a mess! it appears that someone has been working with him somewhere. just not here.

in case you are curious, the preschool does a screening for these issues in the 3s and 4s. he was just screened on friday so i should know soon what the speech therapist thinks his current issues are. these are just some funny stories that have evolved from such.


breanne said...

oh that spencer baby! she is just adorably cute. we have one of those tweens and have since he was 3. it didn't end but he is testing us so right now. not a fan either!

Southern Mama said...

I know that weird fourth year too. It's not something you usually talk about, but you see it. I will say, that now, I catch myself watching Mae as she's doing little things, like reading to Will, or brushing her teeth, and I'm overcome with how simply beautiful she is! (Not that she wasn't always, beautiful....)


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