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Wednesday, September 23

in a little over seven years, we have lived in two homes and only one room had carpet. in those seven years, we have had two dogs followed by three kids. from day one, i have been very obsessive compulsive conscientious about my floors being clean. i like to be able to walk barefoot without having little pieces of this and that stuck to my feet.

i have used a broom, a swiffer, a restaurant grade dust pan, a bissell wet vac, a swiffer vac, and so on and so on. i have spent many a night watching infomercials on the shark steamer and the swivel sweeper with phone in hand trying to determine if 4 easy payments of $29.95 plus shipping would solve all my problems.

while those not-yet-available-in-stores products were tempting, there has been one i have been dreaming of for years. introducing the roomba:

are you kidding me? it cleans the floors all by itself. ahh-mazing. amazing. but, there is one catch--the price. it is equivalent to a maid.

good thing for me, i have my own.

it has great having one of my children help with the cleaning. of course, i would have preferred she use the swiffer and not her clothing.

then, about a week ago, my little roomba woke up with a snotty nose. a very snotty nose. so much so that she kinda looks a little more like this:

except instead of $10/bottle for the special cleaner, she just uses the massive amounts of disgusting fluid that pours from all the orifices of her face. it may not be the most sanitary method, but it is quite effective. just look at all the dirt she picked up this afternoon:

my friend kris made this last year:
i hijacked this picture from her old blog.
maybe she can crochet her a swiffer onesie. at least it would help cut back on the laundry.


ruth said...

haha! i feel your pain. i feel like i ALWAYS need to sweep nowadays with wood floors. the dogs are always bringing grass and dirt in, and then it sticks to my bare feet and drives me insane. i might neet a little roomba:)

Rachel said...

I mean, why have kids unless they're going to help with the cleaning?

So glad we got to see y'all for 12.5 crazy minutes before we got kicked out of Shelby Farms. :)

beth e said...

That is too funny! We only have a rug in the living room. I have been wondering what Meyers is going to do when she starts I know:)


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