a day at the garden

Wednesday, October 21

you know what makes me sad? when people don't update their blog regularly. oh, you too. good to know.

my excuse: we've been busy. and we were sick. and, honestly, we took an embarrassingly small number of pictures in september and everyone knows that a post without a picture might as well not been posted.

so, the first two weeks of october, the weather here was a.mazing. well, it might have only been mediocre, but when the ark finally docks in your backyard after more than 40 days of constant rainfall, then you feel like taking advantage of it. we had yet to go to the new children's area of our local garden, so we packed up a picnic (went through mcdonald's drive though) and headed for an afternoon exploring.
sweet girl
why is it that carter asks to have her picture taken and then refuses to look at the camera??
meme helps miller hang the laundry
exploring each nook and cranny
and, finally, after hours of play, we strolled out to the car and headed to sonic for happy hour drinks.

here's to hoping i get more pictures of fall fun and crafty projects posted for you soon! at least now you remember what miller looks like when he is not passed out with the sickies.


breanne said...

that is such a cute picture of you! and of course the kiddos:)

Kelly said...

LOVE the close up of Spencer! I also don't think I every commented on our precious the pics of Spencer in the highchair in the field were. Beautiful!

beth e said...

you are looking super skinny:) go girl!


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