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Monday, February 9

i adore any holiday that you can make decorations for. i guess you could make decorations for all of them, but i think it would be weird if you were to walk in my house and see a banner with several presidents hanging on the mirror. it would at least be a little creepy! so, instead, i will create things for the day of love.
so, here is a simple banner made with a fun scalloped oval. it is simple because i couldn't figure out how to embellish the oval shape without it looking weird. but, simple is good. i like simple.
i love it's location. i thought because it was such a short word, it needed a smaller home. i liked the way it looked so much, that i told josh it may hang there until september. why then, i don't know. i guess it just sounds far away. i have high aspirations for crafting this week, but we shall see!


ruth said...

adorable banner:) i have only made one from a kit, and i wasn't too happy. i need to come over and learn from the pro. spencer is precious, and i can't wait to see her.

Molly said...

Ohhh....how cute!!!!


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