Sunday, February 22

"what in the world is lightening mcqueen doing on my hard wood floor?" you ask. i was wondering the same thing, so i investigated. 

paper? no.
sticker? no.
what in the world.
oh my gosh.
it's a rub-on. 
a rub-on. on my hard. wood. floor.
and it wasn't just lightening. it was doc. it was sheriff. and it was other various cars inspired parifinalia.

seriously. how did this happen? 

well, it turns out the cars rub-ons were in a box of stickers and paper miller begged to bring home from meme & papaw's. turns out, no one knew they were in there and miller didn't know what they were so they had gone unused. turns out, that his sister found them, knew what they were and knew how to use them. hmpf! of course, it did not turn out that she knew how to clean them up. ugh!


Emily & Amelia said...

Oh wow!! Looks like you've got an interior decorator on your hands! Did you get it off??

jen said...

ohhh we have a few princess stickers like that on out hard wood floor. they are not rub ons but just as hard to get off!


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