a little boy

Thursday, February 12

i cannot believe it is happening. it breaks my heart a little. i know it will only get worse, but it has definitely begun. 

miller is no longer a baby or a toddler, he is a little boy. it hasn't happened suddenly. i have noticed one thing here and there. after giving birth, of course, i noticed how much bigger he looked and how he no longer looked like the baby he had the day before. but, then i noticed his hands had thinned out and were no longer chubby or dimpled. then, i noticed that he was just so full of energy all the time. he already creates running games that appear to have no true rules or goal. one such game took place while we were waiting for our valentine crayons to cook at my parents' house. 

my parents have this crazy steep hill in their back yard. miller would run to the top of the hill and then run as fast as he could down the hill looking as if he would fall every step of the way.

ready . . .
set . . .


well, at least that is what i said when i wanted to document the crazy outfit he was wearing. this is not what we wore to meme and papaw's house! my kids are obsessed with changing clothes at my parents' house. miller found these pjs from last summer and demanded he wear them. we gave in, of course, so we could laugh at how ridiculous they looked. they looked even more ridiculous when he put his converse on to go outside. now, you tell me, does he look like a toddler anymore to you?? where did my baby go?!?



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