meeting snow white

Tuesday, January 17

like we have mentioned, spencer has a heart for snow white. her love runs deep. she couldn't wait to meet snow white and of course, we wanted it to be special for her. i don't think we could have orchestrated it any better if we had tried.
 once at epcot, we found when snow white would be available and we headed over a few minutes early to line up. there was an elderly couple waiting who assured us we were at the right place. they asked spencer her name to which she looked at them confused and replied, "snow white."

 snow white saw her immediately upon exiting, but she was rushed over to see the elderly couple first. the man tempted her with an apple and made quite the impression. then, it was our turn. spencer was so enamored. snow white bent down and stayed at her level talking for  a long time.

 they discussed her forest friends and her little men. spencer said she didn't like the witch, but snow white told her she believed everyone had a little kindness in their heart.

 i know spencer looks like this in all the pictures with all the characters, but she really loved meeting everyone especially snow white.

 spencer asked her to sign her book. she also showed snow white that she was on the cover of her autograph book. inside, snow white wrote, "to princess spencer, love snow white"

 then, after one last hug, snow white gave spencer a kiss on her cheek. the entire crowd was ohhing and ahhing. then, spencer turned, waved and said "bye" and off she went.

 the kiss

our little princess had a magical moment that she loves to relive to this day. it made every penny well spent to see her meet her favorite princess. it truly was magical.


Sarah said...

I love reading all of these posts. I can't wait to take Sally when she is 3 or 4!!

Molly said...

okay, so knowing how I feel about Spencer...that was the sweetest post! Yep, I a bit teary eyed I am....


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