christmas at disney day 7

Wednesday, January 25

our last day at disney is almost becoming a tradition. as we did on our last trip, we spent our last day as a repeat day at the magic kingdom. we squeeze in all our favorite things one last time while not feeling rushed or worried we haven't gotten to do something. it always seems like the perfect end to a perfect trip.

disney day 7: saturday, the magic kingdom

 we headed out early and took the ferry to the park again. we planned to take the monorail, but it was not working. hmmm . . . .

our first stop was the town square theater to visit mickey & minnie. last year, we visited them in the toon town part of fantasyland, so it was nice to see their new digs.

we even decided to take a family picture. i thought we needed photographic evidence that josh was indeed at disney with us. 

when we arrived at the park, my mom headed straight to wait in line for rapunzel while we visited with mickey. we wanted to finish up these last few must see characters and after a full week in disney, we were old pros at how to get things done. so, we let the kids take a minute or two in the store as we exited the character spot and spencer found this cinderella hat.

while we waited in fairy tale garden for our time with rapunzel, josh took miller to tomorrowland speedway. one good thing about being the only boy is that people make special arrangements for you when you have to wait on your sisters all the time.

soon, it was our turn with rapunzel. and, once again, she did not disappoint. we were the first ones in the next group and she made it feel so personal.

she danced and danced with the girls.

they were really mesmerized, especially carter as she is carter's favorite princess. a few minutes later, the boys were back and ready to go, so we headed over to fantasyland. we went on peter pan's flight and mad tea party, again.

then, we headed to prince charming regal carousel, again.

 and, somehow spencer convinced her siblings for one last ride on snow white's scary adventure. then, we decided to head to cosmic ray's starlight cafe for lunch. we had fast passes at buzz lightyear's space ranger spin. in route, we decided to stop and take another chance at a christmas card picture. success!

after lunch and another run at zurg, we headed back to the many adventures of winnie the pooh and dumbo the flying elephant.

spencer loved this ride every time and squealed with delight. in fact, all the adults loved to ride with her, so we had to make sure everyone got a turn.

we still had a few character requests from carter. she wanted to see ariel and tinkerbell so we headed to adventureland veranda where both characters were located. josh sweetly waited with the girls in the long line behind some very interesting people and through a very generous character break.

meanwhile, our experience and exhaustion told us to take advantage of all the adults we had hanging around so my mom and miller waited in line for tinkerbell. miller was unaware of how helpful he was being as my mom bought him a drink and gave him a snack and since there was a movie to watch while you waited, miller thought he got the best deal. the girls arrived just in time to go back. miller agreed to have his picture taken with this guy at the time, but didn't want evidence to remain in his autograph book once we arrived home! haha!

poor guy . . . i don't think this is the favored character request at disney. but, tinkerbell was just like you imagined. she was spunky and chatty and the girls loved her.

of course, miller was able to choose a ride of his liking to make up for his extreme patience during the photo ops. so, we headed back to the pirates of the caribbean for one last ride with jack. then, we wandered through a few stores until miller found the perfect gift for his teacher. and, josh ran back to pick up carter's last souvenir while the rest of us rode walt disney world railroad. we had a full day and walked out knowing we had done everything on our trip we could have ever imagined. we were exhausted and ready to head back to reality . . .  and christmas!

favorites for the day:
carter: meeting rapunzel
miller: driving the race car
spencer: flying in the purple elephant



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