christmas at disney day 4

Thursday, January 19

the plan for wednesday was one of the few things we knew we wanted to do when we began planning the trip. disney has a few events at christmas that are only done at christmas, and the very merry christmas party is one of them. it is held in the magic kingdom. it requires a separate ticket, has a special parade and fireworks show, includes special appearances from beloved characters, has free hot chocolate and cookies and more.

wednesday was a quiet day of hanging out at the townhouse we stayed in. my parents watched the kids while they took naps and josh and i ran to the outlet mall. until this point, the weather had been sunny with highs in the 80s. the weather was supposed to change this day, so we packed rain gear and wore long sleeves to the park this night. the weather dropped 30 degrees in an hour and brought with it a few sprinkles with lots of clouds.

day 4: wednesday, the very merry christmas party at the magic kingdom

because we were able to get in before the party began and the weather was less than ideal, we decided to hit a few rides we hadn't done yet. we started in tomorrowland at buzz lightyear's space ranger spin, astro orbitor, and monsters, inc. laugh floor.

then, we headed to fantasyland where we rode mad tea party and the many adventures of winnie the pooh. at this point, the party was beginning, so we decided to take advantage of one of the special character spots. we headed straight to the seven dwarfs and arrived just in time to wait an hour before getting a picture. we contemplated whether or not to wait, but since it was such a rare occurrence and we had ridden several rides and had another magic kingdom day planned, we decided to just do the special events.

waiting in line to meet the seven little men left us hungry and cold. we headed toward main street to find a spot for the fireworks. there were only a few places open to serve food, so we stopped at casey's corner to grab something. while we were waiting, we decided to sit at the outdoor tables and found out from a local couple sitting at the table next to us that it was a great spot to watch the fireworks. perfect! we all bundled up and sat right there for memories, moments & you and the fireworks.

when the fireworks were over, we headed to get one more photo op before the second parade. my parents headed to find the perfect spot while we went to find peter and wendy in fantasyland. spencer was so tired and so cold. while we waited to see peter and wendy, miller took off his rain coat and tried to get her to wear it. what a gentleman in the making! but, of course, she refused. she also refused to let go of her cookie.

when we were finished, we headed to meet my parents and watch the parade. we had a great spot, but it was freezing! but, that's okay, with the snow on main street and the cold temperatures, it felt even more like christmas!

favorites for the day:
carter: meeting peter & wendy
miller: the fireworks & parade
spencer: "the fireworks that went pop"



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