christmas at disney day 2

Thursday, January 12

we woke up ready to go on day 2 because we planned an early park day due to our schedule for day 3. so, we packed up and headed out.

day 2: monday, magic kingdom

when we arrived, we headed straight to fantasyland knowing that is where the kids would want to spend most of the day. because snow white is spencer's favorite, she somehow coerced her siblings to go on snow white's scary adventure. miller may have screamed loudly when the queen suddenly turns into the witch. then, as a change of pace, we headed to a small world and then prince charming regal carousel. 

 of course, miller wanted to stop and try to pull the sword out of the stone and . . . he did! you can see carter clapping to the side. she is such a proud big sister.

 of course, we had to ride dumbo the flying elephant and, then, we took our first ride this trip on peter pan's flight.

 we knew rapunzel's character spot was nearby, so we thought we might try to see her. the line was long and most of it was in the hot blazing sun. while meme made friends with one of the handlers who suggested we try to visit rapunzel during the very merry christmas party, the rest of us stopped for a snack. after snack time, we decided to go scout out a spot for the celebrate a dream come true parade.

 meme and papaw held a spot for us while we headed to see daisy and pluto. we weren't able to see daisy last time and carter wanted to make sure we didn't miss her again.

 while josh waited with the girls, miller and i hung in line for pluto. then, when the girls were done we traded out. it was a super smart decision as we didn't wait twice as long. experience was really on our side.

 we enjoyed some ice cream during the parade in an attempt to beat the heat, but instead, it brought more attention from the characters than anyone else. the wicked step mother made sure to tell me she never ate ice cream this early in the day, while the fairy godmother gave us a stomach rub and a wink from her perch atop a float.

when the parade was over we decided to head to adventureland so miller could ride the pirates of the caribbean. afterward, we squeezed in the magic carpets of aladdin before heading out for the day.

 i know my mom is going to kill me, but i think this picture is hysterical!!

 spencer loved the magic carpets and dumbo. she giggled and screamed "whee!" through each ride.

a quick ferry boat back to the parking lot and our day was complete.

favorites for the day:
carter: celebrate a dream come true parade
miller: pirates of the caribbean and peter pan's flight
spencer: dumbo the flying elephant


Molly said...

Seeing your Disney pics make we so anxious to go there with Harper and Tilson baby#2... Loved the
pics of the grans riding the rides. I know y'all had
a great time!!!


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