christmas at disney day 6

Monday, January 23

by day 6, we were ready to hit the parks again. we chose our two favorite parks to repeat as the finale to our trip.

disney day 6: friday, hollywood studios

we began at toy story mania. this is our family's favorite ride at hollywood studios and since we didn't get to ride it our first day, we wanted to ride it twice this day. our secret to riding a ride with an hour + long wait even in slow season is this: get there early to get fast passes and then try to get in line at a shorter time. that way, you are guaranteed one quick ride and one that will take a little more of your time. also, we downloaded an iphone app that kept pretty accurate accounts of the times on the rides so we would know if it was worth heading to something in advance.

next, we went to visit mike & sully at the monster's inc. character spot. it is so secluded that we missed it last time.

carter decided she was too old for the monsters, but not miller and spencer. this is one of our favorite family movies.

after taking the required picture, sully tried to put spencer in boo's door. he thought she looked like boo and kept trying to open the door for her. it was too funny!

since we were so close (not really) and the line was short, josh and miller decided to go ride star tours again. they said it was completely different which made them want to ride it again and again. then, we went on the great movie ride. it was very entertaining for the entire family. our next stop was disney jr. live on stage. spencer loved it! the other two liked it, too, but this was more for her.

we promised miller we would eat at pizza planet. so, after our toy story themed lunch, we headed over to character spot before our fast pass time.

while carter did not want her picture taken with buzz and woody, she didn't mind entertaining us at all the prop sets in line. by then, it was our turn to ride toy story mania again!

when we were finish with toy story, we grabbed a quick spot for the pixar pals count down to fun parade. it seemed super short this time, but it may have been the season. we decided to split up boys and girls after the parade. the boys went to see the indiana jones epic stunt spectacular, and the girls went to
another performance of beauty & the beast-live on stage and the voyage of the little mermaid, and spencer even stayed awake this time!

while we waited to meet the guys, spencer wanted to meet jake at the disney, jr. character spot. while carter didn't seem interested in the beginning, she decided to join in by picture time!

since we had a little bit of time to kill, we decided to do muppet vision 3d one more time. why are 3d glasses so fun??

of course, we couldn't leave before the osborne family spectacle of lights began. it was just so amazing the first time, that we decided to wait until after it started so we could walk through it one more time. we left knowing we had a full day and had seen everything we wanted and more!

favorites for the day:
carter: beauty &the beast-live on stage
miller: indiana jones epic stunt spectacular
spencer: meeting woody & buzz



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