a total rant

Thursday, June 12

i have been trying to post regularly, but not too often because i am about to run out of edited pictures. josh still has one wedding to go before he is caught up and can edit our dinky pictures. if you know how we are with a camera, you know we are either on or off. we either have a camera in tote and use it even when others think nothing important is happening, or we didn't even bring it with us. it's not that we are event capturers because what we take may not be a true event, it is just whenever we feel like taking pictures. since school is out, i have toted the camera a couple of times, and some of you may be wondering where are those pictures? and like i said, they are coming . . . as soon as josh edits them! ha! 

so, enjoy a few more posts before we get caught up and i can also blog about daily life-like the reason i am blogging now is the newer neighbors next door have decided to weed eat right outside our bedroom window at three o'clock in the afternoon in the middle of the summer. i understand he is retired and thinks that you can do yard work at whatever times you like, such as 6-8 am, 3-5 pm or my favorite, 7-8 pm. oh my gosh! does he not know what it means to have toddlers!!! they like to sleep in all those time slots!! and sometimes, i do too!! and, that is my rant for the day! (btw, this rant is much nicer than when i called josh 2 minutes after being woken up 5 minutes into a nap by weed eating outside my window!)


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! People mow in Georgia at all hours. I get it!

Jodie said...

ha, ha! jeff drove past our new house the other night and the guy across the street was mowing at 10pm. ???? oh well!

dave and jen said...

ugh!!! our crazy neighbors have dogs that like to bark only when Avery is napping or sleeping at night. Unfortunately I can't say anything to them since our dog almost killed theirs! Again, thanks, Gunner.


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