Thursday, June 19

later, the class took off their tutus and ballet shoes and showed off what they had learned in gymnastics. as i am sure everyone has, we had already seen many of these new skills at home-somersaults on the bed & couch, crab walks from room to room, etc. 
sassy walk back to the line:
bow (note the very dramatic bow occurring in the background. the teachers literally came over to check on her because each bow became more and more extreme!):
her first bouquet from mommy & daddy:
we were allowed to leave after her last performance due to her age and the length of the program, but we chose to stay and let her watch the older girls. carter has absolutely loved ballet this year and wants to take tap next year instead of gymnastics. she would also like to take hip hop, but it is not offered anywhere until age 5. carter had a blast watching and dancing along to the other girls' performances. 



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