the one where miller turns 2

Monday, June 9

miller turned 2 april 17th. we celebrated with a retro cookout the following weekend. i choose birthday party themes based on my children's current favorites. anyone who knows miller knows he LOVES to eat but he is also obsessed with the play kitchen, plastic food, and specifically the plastic cheeseburger buns. so, that is where our theme was derived. we decided to make it a retro theme because, well, we love anything from the 1950s because that is when both homes we have owned were built. so, here is the food . . .
the birthday boy with his papaw, sporting his paper hat from the varsity in atlanta, georgia. thanks, papa joe, for picking those up for us at the drive-in.
"sister" as miller affectionately calls her
brother & sister eating their mini cheeseburgers 
and, to follow the theme & desire of the birthday boy, we had cookies & shakes instead of cake. every time i asked miller what he wanted for his birthday he would yell with enthusiasm "cookies!" so, that is what he got! and he blew it out through the bubble wand-silly boy!


rachel said...

you are always so creative coming up with such cute stuff. i love the hats on the kids. i can't believe how much carter has grown. i know i should probably be saying miller, but i didn't see him as much when he was little/growing up. they are both precious little malahy's.

Kress Smith said...

What a great party theme:)


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