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Wednesday, June 4

the first weekend of april josh surprised me with a trip to los angeles to celebrate our anniversary. it was the first time since miller was born that i have been away overnight from carter and the first time for miller. josh has wanted to take me "out west" forever and thought this would be a fun whirlwind trip, and that it was.

we stayed here:
we drove this:
we shopped and ate here:
we waited in line to celebrate with cupcakes here:
and, we photographed ourselves in our bathroom mirror before dinner here:

we had a very full and incredibly fun first day. what an amazing husband i have!

speaking of which, if you are wondering why in the world we went on an anniversary trip in april when we were married on may 15th, it is because of the crazy, hectic life josh currently has. josh has started a wedding photography business that has him working several nights and weekends. he loves capturing a couple's special day and hopes to one day focus on this love full time. as for now, he is a very busy man, but he doesn't mind because he feels called to his passion. so, if you haven't visited our click here next links, click here and enjoy some of his recent events. 


dave and jen said...

fun pictures!

Kress Smith said...

What fun!!! TW and I need a get away.


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